Hungary's leading motorhome fleet.

Suwenor Kft. was established in the March of 2000, based of some good friends hobby. Our company is now Hungary's largest motorhome dealer and renter. Beside that, as a result of the extension of our services, we evolved to a professional service provider.

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In the period after the 2008's crisis, we successfully restored our former tendencies, so our company is featured again by its growing fleet and customer base.

We are the exclusive distributors of the following brands:
  • the slovenian Adria
  • the french Chausson (Trigano group),
  • the italian Laika.
Beside we are distributing
  • the german Knaus-Weinsberg and
  • the german Niesmann-Bischoff brands too.

All of this makes it possible for our customers, to find the best options for their needs from a wide range of vehicles, which are available throughout the year.

To widely serve our customer's needs, we keep 5-10 vehicles for demonstration in our site. Our customers can currently choose from nearly 30 different types of motorhomes with different layouts and engines, and can choose from 2-3 caravans. We take part every year in the shows in Budapest and beside that, since 2004 we organise traditionally our own shows in the spring and autumn. Beside selling and rental, we offer a brand independent superstructure service. The most important things in our activities are the professional work and the competitive prices.

Since our establishment in 2018 we already sold more than 600 camping vehicles! In parallel with the significantly increased number of sold vehicles, we furnished our motorhome and caravan accessories shop, where you can get the most popular accessories (sunroofs, bike holders, LCD TVs, antenna setts, air conditioners, inverters, reversing cameras, camping articles) and nearly 10.000 accessories and spar parts from our warehouse or with a short delivery time.

Our professional and stable team offers the highest service for our clients.

Our team members: András Harmath company manager, Gabriella Szabó sales leader, Tamás Sallai who's responsible for rentals and his main task is the maintenance of the whole fleet. Attila Bihari who's one of Hungary's most professional motorhome superstructure and caravan experts, Viktória Bihariné Kiss who will provide you any spare part or accessory you need.

Short story of our company

  • 2000: The company started it's activity with 5 used motorhome's rental.
  • In 2001 as an official distributor we started the sale of italian Rimor motorhomes.
  • We increased the number of rentable motorhomes year after year and beside that, the number of the sold vehicles were increasing too.
  • In 2002 we started to distribute the german Bürstner motorhomes.
  • In 2003 we started to distribute the french Chausson motorhomes.
  • In 2005 we started the distribuiton of the extra quality, german Niesmann-Bischoff motorhomes.
  • In 2008 we sold 47 camping vehicles in a year and the number of our rentable vehicles reached 45 motorhomes.
  • The economic crisis in 2008 was a significant setback in the market of camping vehicles too. Under the crisis, the number of the sold and rentable vehicles were decreasing year after year. Nonetheless we stayed alive.
  • In 2008 we stopped distributing Rimor motorhomes.
  • In 2010 we extended our activities. With the takeover of the Karaván City Bt.'s team and service activities, we are available for our customers with nearly 30 years of experience.
  • In 2010 we started to distribute in Hungary the outstanding quality slovenian Adria motorhomes.
  • In 2012 we stopped distributing Bürstner motorhomes.
  • In 2015 we started to distribute the traditional german Dethleffs motorhomes.
  • In 2015 we started to cooperate with VB Airsuspension.
  • 2In 2016 we installed air suspension in 40 ambulance vehicles made for abroad.
  • In 2018 our company's rental fleet reached 30 vehicles again.
  • In 2020 we stopped distributing Dethleffs motorhomes.
  • In 2021 we started distributing the italian Laika motorhomes.

András Harmath

Company manager, sales leader

Phone / Fax: +36 1 291 9041
Mobile: +36 20 343 1561
Working days: between 9-17

I bought my first motorhome with my friends together in 1995 and since that I have this passion every year. Im one of the lucky ones, whos' hobby and job meet eachother. I gathered a lot of experiences in motorhome journeys after I travelled in most of europe's countries.

We established Suwenor Kft. in 2000 and I am the company manager since 2001. Beside the company management and with the contact of partners, I also deal with sales.

In the past years we successfully developed our company to Hungary's largest motorhome sale and rent with service activities. In the past years we managed to sell many hundreds of camping vehicles - motorhomes, caravans - in the country and taking part in spreading them. Our teams efficiency offers the outstanding professional work, what all the customers and all the competitors nationally admit.

We not only want to sell you a vehicle, but also a lifetime service and we would like to familiarize you with the feeling of the infinity freedom provided by motorhomes.

Gabriella Szabó

Sale, company administration, finance

Phone / Fax: +36 1 291 9041
Mobile: +36 20 930 8402
Working days: between 9-17

I work for Suwenor Kft. since 2005. I started as a renting assistant and after my job became the full administration of rentals. In 2005 I started my sales job which is my main job until today. Beside that, my job is the full administration of the company.

As a sales person, my primary goal is to create a long term cooperation wit our customers. Most of our clients are returning customers with whom I am in contact even after the purchase of the vehicle. They share their experiences with pleasure with their motorhomes/caravans and even their momentous events of their life. When it comes down to it, we are being a partner even in vehicle change. In case of a new vehicle purchase, we offset motorhomes/caravans which were bought by us. I'm proud, that I can be a prospective member since 12 years in our country's largest motorhome and caravan company having the largest fleet, which is trying to meet the market's more serious expectations and challenges. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." – Confucius.

Service center team leader

Phone / Fax: +36 1 291 9041
Mobile: -
Working days: between 9-17

Leader of spare parts and accessories shop

Phone / Fax: +36 1 291 9041
Mobile: -
Working days: between 9-17

Ádám Frey


Phone / Fax: +36 1 240 2911
Mobile: +36 20 480 7146
Working days: between 9-17

I have tried camping in tents/wooden houses many times as a kid, but with motorhomes and caravans, I only met in 2017. I liked it immediately, that on a simple truck or some smaller chassis a whole flatlet is built. I'm working at the company since 2019 and started with helping renting. Customers are now calling me with reservations, appointments and renting. I always try to give customers practical advices to make their journey as pleasent as possible.


Phone / Fax: +36 1 240 2911
Mobile: +36 20 480 7146
Working days: between 9-17

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Address: 1184 Budapest, Jegenye fasor 15/A (Berger telep)

Tel. / Fax: +36 1 291 9041


Opening hours

Service and accessories shop:
M-F: 8-17
Weekend: CLOSED
Sales and rental:
M-F: 9-17
Saturday: Preliminary appointment
Sunday: CLOSED

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