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Check Hungary's largest motorhome fleet in our site! You can choose from more then 30 motorhomes with different sizes, setups and specifications.

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In our site located in Budapest, you can choose the right caravan in the right size and with the right setup according to your needs.

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In case of a motorhome or caravan rent, please contact our colleague Tamás Sallai!

Tamás Sallai

Phone / Fax: +36 1 240 2911

Mobile: +36 20 480 7146

On weekdays between 9-17


Take a look personally Hungary's largest motorhome and caravan fleet by Suwenor Kft., in Budapest XVIII district next to the Ferihegyi expressway!

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We welcome you with Hungary's largest motorhome fleet and with one of the most professional team with 20 years of experience!

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