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We collected the most popular questions and answers about motorhome and caravan renting.

Contact our colleagues on phone or by e-mail and you can ask us for a price request depending on your most important parameters, like journey time, passanger count for the given period.

If we don't have a rentable vehicle in te specified period, then our colleagues will give you the nearest possible date. The reservation by phone / email, will be valid, when the renting price's 40% is payed until the date given in the offer!

Our vehicles have an engine air conditioner, a standing climate which works from 230V, roof, safe and CD radio and - except the Chausson half integrated vehicles - a bike holder

Our company sorts the vehicles in 4 categories:

Luxury category

Motorhomes appearance, the interior design, material quality are all offering a luxury feeling. We installed every comfort equipment which are satisfy our passangers needs. For example 19" DVD with LED TV, microwave. Motorhomes in luxury category are integrated motorhomes for 4 persons and their age is maximum 3 years.

Premium Plus category, Premium category

Our newest and largest vehicles, tipically with a small or a large garage are in this category. These vehicles are typically for 4-6 persons, but you can find some with 7 sleeping places. The vehicles age is maximum 4 years.

The two categories are different in that the Premium Plus category vehicles are installed with a microwave and with a TV.

Standard category

These vehicles have the most fair renting prices in our fleet. Tipically they are for 4 persons but there are models for 5-6 persons too. They have every required equipment or they are older Premium category vehicles. The are tipically 4 years old or older vehicles.

Our rentable caravans are for 4-6 persons, equipped with air conditioning, 230V hot water boiler and with a mosquito net installed on every windows and doors. You can rent a roof or a tent as needed.

Preparation price contains the vehicles preparation for the journey, which means 1 full gas tank, 1 bottle of toilet chemichal, windshield washer fluid, loaded fresh water tank and the hungarian vignette.

Motorhomes are cars, so on motorways you can drive with 130 km/h, on highways with 90 km/h in living areas with 50 km/h. Our rentable vehicles are regulated to a maximum of 115 km/h speed, so you cant drive faster.
The water in the fresh water tank is depending on the type 80/140 liter which is enough for around 2-3 days. The water resource is depending on the passanger count and the number of usage. An adult can shower with around 10-15 liter water based on our experiences. If you would like to stay on an abandoned place, then it is worth to bring with yourself 2-3 20 liter cans which can be used as a spare tank. In top class camping there's tap water in every parcell, so you don't have to leave the camp for water loading.
In campings, motorhome parking lots and at gas stations. in every camping there's a service point where you can load the fresh water tank and empty gray water tank. Top class campings have tap water in every parcells, so you don't have to leave for loading water. Almost every Stellplatz has an opportunity to load fresh water and empty gray water tank.

In Hungary in a unique way our company provides a replacement vehicle for our rental customer if the rented vehicle has a fault which cant be repaired in place or after 2 days in the service center and it would prevent to continue the journey.
You can find emtying places in every camping (generally near water blocks). In Western-Europe there are many emptying places on motorways, near bigger shopping centers, which are indicated by traffic signs. Top class campings are canalised, so you can connect your motorhome to the sewage system. You can empty toilet casettes on the emtying places. Attention, toilet casettes contain aggressive materials! It is FORBIDDEN to empty them outdoors! In many European countries, illegal emptiyng will be punished. If there is no other opportunity, empty the casette in a public toilet!

In Europe it is different in every country. In most places it is not allowed to camp, but even so motorhomes are tolerated next to coasts, or historical cities. If it's forbidden by traffic signs, we can't stay even for some hours. There are countrys where wild camping is FORBIDDEN, like Croatia! In Europe there are an increasing numbers of "Stellplatz" which means a parking lot for motorhomes. In the past years there were a lot of parking places built with infrastructure in cities in a walking distance from important places like the city center or shopping centers. In these parking lots, you have the possibility to load the fresh water tank, empty gray water tank or toilet casettes. More equipped parking lots provide electrical connection, toilets, showers and some provide a free or paid WIFI connection too, but these are more expensive. They cost 10-25 EUR daily. There are more smart phone applications which contains a catalog about these parking lots and better apps will give you a navigation to those places.

It is changing in every country and region. Following general rules we think it's not dangerous. Of course we have to avoid dreary places and we should stop at well lit places where other people stay, for example gas stations' parking lots or the designated parking lots for motorhomes where we can find other helpful motorhome partners. Wild camping is forbidden in Croatia!

Every motorhome has 3 point seat belts if they are looking in the direction of travel (generally 2 pieces) and has 2 point seat belts if they are looking in the opposite direction. Is it dangerous to stop outside of a camping for the night? Wild camping is possible if it's allowed in the country, but be careful. In Croatia it is forbidden!

The top of the motorhome was not designed to stand on it. It is really easy to damage the vehicle because of the large number of windows, vents, technical equipments, air conditioners, TV antennas, solar panels, so we don't recommend in any case to climb on top of the motorhome, unless the vehicle has a roof rack, but be careful in this case too.

Yes, it is possible for a 4 day long weekend with the conditions of rental, which will be counted in the purchase price and you don't have to pay the price of the rental!

  • Chassis warranty: 2 years of general warranty provided by the factory of the chassis, which is valid in Europe.
  • Superstructure warranty: 2 years of general warranty provided by the factory of the superstructure.
  • Water penetration warranty: 5-6 years of warranty against water penetration provided by the factory of the superstructure.

Warranties are valid from the first registration date of the vehicle and can be validated by the hungarian distributors, like Suwenor Kft. in case if it's one of our distributed brand.

Typically with 100-200 kg, with the maximum weight given by the factory.

Depending on the vehicles maximum load, you can carry a smaller motorbike in the garage. To fix them in the garage, we recommend to use harnesses.

It's possible to use the motorhome for going to skiing, but because of the smaller fleet, you have to let us know in advance your renting willness.

Yes, in our site there is a possibility in limited numbers to store your motorhomes and caravans.

Our vehicles can be driven with a B category drivers licence. In case of a motorhome, at least a 2 years old B category drivers licence is needed. Renting a caravan is a more complicated question, please contact our colleagues!

A motorhomes' load is depending on the vehicle and the equipment installed on it, around 300-350 kg, which is naturally depending on the number of the passangers too. The maximum allowed total weight is 3500 kg.

No, we recommend the brand's service center, because they have knowledge about the different types. More modern is the engine,, all the more will they diagnose the vehicle with computers. Servicing of the superstructure and the engine is a totally different job. We must take care of clearness in case of superstructures.

Our motorhomes can be purchased by a closed-end financial leasing. Suwenor Kft. is a dependant broker of MKB Euroleasing.

Take a look personally Hungary's largest motorhome and caravan fleet by Suwenor Kft., in Budapest XVIII district next to the Ferihegyi expressway!

Take a look at our site!

We welcome you with Hungary's largest motorhome fleet and with one of the most professional team with 20 years of experience!

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