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Motorhome renting

All our motorhomes have kitchen, refrigrator, shower room with warm water, bike carrier and Omnistor. Models in Premium category have Aircondition in cock-pit and Aircondition of 230V as well.All vehicles works by diesel oil, and can drive with normal car driving licence. We have 3 different period int he year:

  • High Season from 15th of June till 31th of August
  • Low Season rest part of the year
  • Winter Season It is a special Season during Low Season: from 01th of November till 31th of March;

High Season:

  • min. renting period is 10 days
  • there is no kilometer limitation
  • vehicles have motorway ticket in Hungary

Low Season:

  • min. renting period is 3 days
  • longer renting, than 7 days, there is no kilometer limitation
  • under 7 days, renting fee includes 300 km/ day
  • extra charge for km is 0,15 EUR + VAT / km

Winter Season:

  • min renting period is 7 days
  • available only 3 models 
  • all 3 are Premium category with winter wheel and snow chain

We have two different categories of motorhomes: Premium and Standard!

There are 3 main parameters of

Premium models:

  • it has Aircondition ( cock-pit and electrical as well )
  • it is bigger motorhome ( 6,5 - 7 meter )
  • max. 4 years old vehicle

Standard models:

  • it has Aircondition ( cock-pit and electrical as well ) 
  • 6 - 6,5 meter long
  • years: 4-6 years old vehicle (in very good condition)

We calculate -as a renting fee - from first rented days 08:00 till last rented day 17: 00! But generally Clients can pick up vehicle previous evening and can dropp off next morning! We charge extra fee, if Client wants to pick up or dropp off vehicles, when office is closed( for.ex: Saturday afternoon, Sunday, or evening hours)

Booking: We accept booking after payment of 40 % renting fee! And rest 60% must be paid 30 days before holiday!

Deposit: amount of deposit is 1200 EUR, but renting fee and deposit must reach 2000 EUR! So in case of short renting , we ask higher deposit!

Cancellation: in case of cancellation, we refund 50 % of paid amount!

Renting fee
          121 EUR + VAT; Premium models in High Season
          102 EUR + VAT; Standard models in High Season

            87 EUR + VAT; Premium models in Low Season
            65 EUR + VAT; Standard models in Low Season

We have " Preparation fee", which includes: 1 bottle of gas, 1 bottle of Toilette , cleaning inside-outside! Important: in case of extrem dirty vehicle we charge extra fee to Client!

 Lease Contract

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